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Take Light, Not Drugs

How light therapy can treat disorders from depression to Alzheimer’s disease.

Cancer, the Consummate Traveler

Disrupting cancer’s diaspora may lead to new therapies.

Bacteria Love Lasered Jell-O

How artificial homes for pathogens may lead to better medicine.

Meet Your Body’s Death Eaters

From brain to blood to bone, macrophages take out our cellular trash.

What If Obesity Is Nobody’s Fault?

Meet the mice that are changing the obesity conversation.

Blissed-Out Fish on Prozac

Why we can’t get our water supply free of drugs.

For Preventing Disease, Data Are the New Drugs

Is giving up your biological secrets too bitter a pill?

Genomic Loopholes and Other Weapons

Turning bacteria against each other can help fight antibiotic resistance.

An Unlikely Cure Signals New Hope for Cancer

How “exceptional responders” are revolutionizing treatment for the deadly disease.

Their Giant Steps to a Cure

Battling a rare form of muscular dystrophy, a family finds an activist leader, and hope.