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Another Side of Feynman

Nine letters by Freeman Dyson portray his relationship with the Nobel Laureate.

The Last Love of Jonas Salk

The unusual union of a renowned artist and the discoverer of the Polio vaccine.

The Radical Humanism of the Soviet Planetarium

This planetarium was hailed as a successor to Russian theater and the Orthodox Church.

The Stick Is an Unsung Hero of Human Evolution

Stone’s silent sister in the archaeological record.

Eclipses Make Great Yardsticks

How to measure the Earth with shadows.

The Multiverse of 1686

Speculation on multiple universes goes back farther than you might think.

Meet Seven Extraordinary Women Scientists

A neuroscientist turned designer has created a unique celebration of women’s history month.

A Prescription for Awe

In the debate between religion and science, wonder is what the doctor ordered.

If Not Darwin, Who?

An alternative history of the great ideas of science.