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Top Ten Unsung Geniuses

For these scientists, success and fame did not come in equal measure.

When Theft Was Worse Than Murder

Hundreds of years of trial documents reveal our changing attitudes to violent crime.

Ingenious: Simon DeDeo

Cosmic microwaves and crime.

The Vulgar Mechanic and His Magical Oven

A Renaissance alchemist pioneers feedback control.

The Glassmaker Who Sparked Astrophysics

His curious discovery, 200 years ago, foresaw our expanding universe.

The Seeds That Sowed a Revolution

Galapagos Finches are famous, yet Darwin learned more about evolution from the plants.

What I’ve Learned About the Past 13,000 Years

A look back at a career spent looking back.

A Cabinet of Curiosities

Wander through our interactive wunderkammer.

Monsters, Marvels, and the Birth of Science

How the unlikely and unexplainable, strange and terrifying, spawned the age of science.