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We Need Insects More Than They Need Us

Inside the world of plastic-eating worms, dung-rolling beetles, and agricultural ants..

Manhattan’s God of Insects

Lawrence Forcella reminds us why we loved bugs as kids.

If Bugs Are Sentient, Should We Eat Them?

The ethics of eating insects.

The Caterpillar Watcher

Charles Bonnet discovered insect trails but became famous for his hallucinations.

The Philosopher King of the Hoverflies

A roving meditation on nature, literature, and the joy of collecting flies.

The Fly King Speaks

Meet Fredrik Sjöberg, author of the sleeper hit, The Fly Trap.

What to Eat After the Apocalypse

Engineer Joshua Pearce explains how to feed 7 billion people after a global catastrophe.

Ingenious: Cornelia Hesse-Honegger

A life of science and art.

Why I Traveled the World Hunting for Mutant Bugs

A researcher who works through painting tells her story.

Ants Go Marching

More than an expert traveler, the fire ant is the ultimate invader.