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The Math of the Amazing Sandpile

To understand self-organization in nature, behold the sandpile.

Why COVID-19 Flare-Ups Will Keep Happening

Like earthquakes and forest fires, outbreaks have a “heavy tail” of large events.

To Beat COVID-19, Think Like a Fighter Pilot

How an aerial-combat theory can help fight the outbreak.

Mapping Gay-Friendly Cities Through History

A data analyst uncovers a timeless message about correlation.

What Are the Odds of Alien Contact?

Bringing the Drake Equation up to date.

How Inequality Imperils Cooperation

A game theorist breaks down the effects of inequality.

Are Neural Networks About to Reinvent Physics?

The revolution of machine learning has been greatly exaggerated.

Presenting the Scrabble Luck Calculator

Are you as good at Scrabble as you think?

Why a Traffic Flow Suddenly Turns Into a Traffic Jam

Those aggravating slowdowns aren’t one driver’s fault. They’re everybody’s fault.