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Sound and Touch Collide

There might be a little synesthesia in each of us.

Emotional Renovations

How your brain twists together emotion and place.

Can’t Remember Your Password?

Welcome to subconscious encryption, the ultimate private security.

Safecracking the Brain

What neuroscience is learning from code-breakers and thieves.

The Brain on Trial

It’s not fair to ask jurors to vote on a death penalty.

Ingenious: Robert Burton

What we can—and cannot—learn from brain science.

Composing Your Thoughts

Music that upsets expectations is what makes your gray matter sing.

A Crowdsourced Expert Interview

Nautilus readers delve further into the idea that metaphors make us human.

Where Uniqueness Lies

The ultimate treasure hunt for the key in our brains that unlocks our difference.

Metaphors Are Us

War, murder, music, art. We would have none without metaphor.