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Where Is My Mind?

The rise and fall of the claustrum epitomizes the hunt for consciousness in the brain.

Reason Won’t Save Us

It’s time to accept the limits of how we think.

Consciousness Doesn’t Depend on Language

We share the basic experience of life with all mammals.

Language Is the Scaffold of the Mind

Once we acquire language, we can live without it.

When Words Fail

Where our minds go when words let us down.

Metaphors Are Us

War, murder, music, art. We would have none without metaphor.

Human Emotions Are Personal Narratives

Neuroscientist Joseph LeDoux on what makes our brains unique.

Our Brains Tell Stories So We Can Live

Without inner narratives we would be lost in a chaotic world.

Are Animal Experiments Justified?

A neuroscientist confronts his anguish over experimenting on animals.

The Mystery of Human Uniqueness

What, exactly, makes our biology special?