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The Deep Space of Digital Reading

Why we shouldn’t worry about leaving print behind.

Ingenious: Rachel Yehuda

What PTSD teaches us about both human frailty and resilience.

A Vaccine for Depression?

Ketamine’s remarkable effect bolsters a new theory of mental illness.

What Alzheimer’s Feels Like from the Inside

An investigative reporter chronicles the progression of his own disease.

The Genius of Learning

MacArthur Fellow Danielle Bassett says learning works best when you don’t overthink it.

Caitlyn Jenner and Our Cognitive Dissonance

While biology shows us gender can be fluid, our brains struggle to see it that way.

The Neuron’s Secret Partner

Glial cells are the brain’s architects, doctors, police, janitors, and gardeners.

Here’s Why Your Brain Seems Mostly Dormant

The brilliant compromise between efficiency and ability in your head.

Can Science Tell Us What Beauty Is?

Neuroscientist Anjan Chatterjee takes us into the neurology of creativity.

The Most Dangerous Muse

Parkinson’s disease gave her the gift of creativity.