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What Impossible Meant to Richard Feynman

What I learned when I challenged the legendary physicist.

The Electromagnetic Force of Fridge Magnets

An illustrated guide to the universal laws in your kitchen.

The Math of Living Things

Exploring the intersection of physical and biological laws.

Is the Universe Open-Ended?

An intriguing proposal about what makes reality tick under the surface.

Our Little Life Is Rounded with Possibility

Science expressed only in terms of what happens is getting in the way of progress.

The Country Gentleman of Physics

Julian Barbour’s ideas about time and the universe have always roamed free of academia.

This Tenet Shows Time Travel May Be Possible

Director Christopher Nolan could take a tip from new research into “closed timelike curves.”

The Charmed Life of Frank Wilczek

A novelist gets a physicist to explain his scientific breakthroughs.