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The Astrophysicists Who Faked It

The inside story of the gravitational wave signal injection.

A Nonlinear History of Time Travel

Births, deaths, and other time travel paradoxes.

How Much More Can We Learn About the Universe?

These are the few limits on our ability to know.

This Physics Pioneer Walked Away from It All

Why Fotini Markopoulou traded quantum gravity for industrial design.

Spark of Science: France A. Cordova

The director of the National Science Foundation on what brought her back to science.

The Hidden Science of the Missing Gravitational Waves

A relatively unknown experiment is already drawing conclusions from the sound of silence.

The Noise at the Bottom of the Universe

The origin of quantum noise is the modern incarnation of a millennia-old debate.

Brian Eno Plays the Universe

A physicist explains what the composer has in common with the dawn of the cosmos.