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The Power of Crossed Brain Wires

Synesthesia makes ordinary life marvelous.

We Aren’t Selfish After All

In turbulent times, people go from “me” thinking to “we” thinking.

Friendship Is a Lifesaver

Science is showing us the best remedy for aging is friends.

Let’s Talk About Our Health Anxiety Over COVID-19

The calming power of conversation, mindfulness, and a little exercise.

The Cultural Distances Between Us

Mapping the world’s psychological traits.

The Dreams of the Man Who Discovered Neurons

Santiago Ramón y Cajal recorded his dreams to prove Freud wrong.

Playing Video Games Makes Us Fully Human

No other media meets our emotional and social needs like electronic games.

He Gave Away $30 Million Because It Felt Good

James Doty just may embody the altruism he studies.