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Holding Hands with a Chimp

How my suburban-hewn world-view was flipped on its head.

An Rx for Doctors

A new psychology of control.

Your IQ Matters Less Than You Think

In studies of children and historical figures, IQ falls short as a measure of success.

There Is No Such Thing as Unconscious Thought

A behavioral scientist unravels one of our most cherished conceptions.

Should You Tell Everyone They’re Honest?

People try to live up to their labels.

Can You Overdose on Happiness?

The science and philosophy of deep brain stimulation.

Autistic Prodigies Since “Rain Man”

Our evolving understanding of “the engineer’s disease.”

What Boredom Does to You

The science of the wandering mind.

How Evolution Designed Your Fear

The universal grip of Stephen King’s personal terrors.