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Ingenious: Ken Perlin

We sit down with the virtual reality expert.

The Space Shuttle’s Last Launch

A portrait of the NASA program’s last days.

These Tricks Make Virtual Reality Feel Real

Realistic digital spaces need delusions as much as they need detail.

Blowing Off the Grid

Samsø runs on renewable energy—and makes money doing it.

What Searchable Speech Will Do To You

Will recording every spoken word help or hurt us?

The Ambiguous Colors of Nanotechnology

Kate Nichols’ nanoparticle paints have changed how she sees color.

To Save California, Read “Dune”

Survival on a fictional desert planet has a lesson for the drought-stricken state.

How a Snowflake Turns Into an Avalanche

Meet the avalanche engineers of the Subzero Laboratory.

How Crowdsourcing Turned On Me

One team of strangers helped me with the Darpa Shredder Challenge. Another sabotaged me.