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The Ecology of Good Weed

How one small farmer is creating a buzz with organic pot.

The Beauty of Crossed Brain Wires

Synesthesia makes ordinary life marvelous.

Twilight of the Nautilus

What the scientist who has studied the iconic sea creature for 45 years now sees.

Nature’s Antifreeze

Fish that thrive in icy waters provide a key to preserving human cells.

Why Do We Have to Die?

The question of mortality can be answered by these calculations.

The Incredible Fig

The fig is an ecological marvel. Although you may never want to eat one again.

Plants Feel Pain and Might Even See

It’s time to retire the hierarchical classification of living things.

Here’s the Right Story for Vaccine Holdouts

Two public health experts explain how to cut through the noise about COVID-19 vaccines.

How to Outwit Evolution

We can defeat superbugs by staying one step ahead of them.