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Why Horror Films Are More Popular Than Ever

It feels good to control what will terrify you.

Why a Universal Society Is Unattainable

Our minds evolved in an Us-vs-Them universe of our own making.

Humans Have Gotten Nicer and Better at Making War

Historian Margaret MacMillan on what war reveals about human nature.

Humans Have Rights and So Should Nature

An “Earth lawyer” argues for cultural transformation in environmental law.

Outwitting the Grim Reaper

Neuroscientist Daniel Levitin on how to age successfully.

Reading, That Strange and Uniquely Human Thing

How we evolved to read is a story of one creative species.

How to Build Trust in Covid-19 Vaccines

Why people distrust vaccines and how they can be convinced otherwise.

What Did the Past Smell Like?

Get a whiff of a new sensory experience in history.