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The Planets with the Giant Diamonds Inside

Mining the mysteries of Uranus and Neptune.

My 3 Greatest Revelations

The author on writing his new book, “The Ascent of Information.”

Is the Universe Open-Ended?

An intriguing proposal about what makes reality tick under the surface.

Our Little Life Is Rounded with Possibility

Science expressed only in terms of what happens is getting in the way of progress.

The Country Gentleman of Physics

Julian Barbour’s ideas about time and the universe have always roamed free of academia.

Should We Terraform Mars? Let’s Recap

Elon Musk wants to engineer Mars’ atmosphere. Can he?

The Profound Potential of Elon Musk’s New Rocket

An aerospace engineer explains why SpaceX’s Starship will change everything.

The Mother of All Accidents

Odds are, if an asteroid hadn’t crashed into Earth, we wouldn’t be here.

A Wrinkle in Nature Could Lead to Alien Life

There may be more than one way to tune a universe for life.