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The camera doesn’t often linger on all the severed heads in Game of Thrones. But if it did, might we see some sign of awareness—at least for a few seconds? A human head doesn’t lose consciousness until after about four seconds, post-decapitation. That’s resiliency of a kind. And the acid in your stomach? Strong enough to dissolve razorblades. It’s not a stretch to imagine that, if the torture-loving Northerner Ramsay Bolton knew this, he’d make use of it.

Two facts down, 28 more to go. How many are there that you already know?

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Illustration by Vapester

Ellie Summers is a Graphic Designer at The Website Group, a UK based Digital Agency specializing in pay monthly business web design, SEO and Social Media Marketing.

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Brian Gallagher is the editor of Facts So Romantic, the Nautilus blog. Follow him on Twitter @brianga11agher.

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