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    The Hidden Link Between “Genetic Nurture” and Educational Achievement

    The phrase “Look down your nose” comes from a time when aristocrats were taller than commoners due to their superior nutrition. European elites would literally look down on their inferiors. So it shouldn’t be hard to imagine the shock 19th-century aristocrats experienced, across the Atlantic, encountering well-fed American laborers, artisans, and farmers, who would look […]

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    The Complex Truth About ‘Junk DNA’

    Genomes hold immense quantities of noncoding DNA. Some of it is essential for life, some seems useless, and some has its own agenda.

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    DNA Has Four Bases. Some Viruses Swap in a Fifth.

    The DNA of some viruses doesn’t use the same four nucleotide bases found in all other life. New work shows how this exception is possible and hints that it could be more common than we think.

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    Data Crunchers to the Rescue

    Genetic diseases that puzzle lab scientists are being solved by quantitative biologists.

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    Some Proteins Change Their Folds to Perform Different Jobs

    Unusual proteins that can quickly fold into different shapes provide cells with a novel regulatory mechanism.

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    The Mystery of Mistletoe’s Missing Genes

    Mistletoes have all but shut down the powerhouses of their cells. Scientists are still trying to understand the plants’ unorthodox survival strategy.