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    How Coronavirus Mutations Arise and New Variants Emerge

    This piece was produced in cooperation with the Nib.Maki Naro is an award-winning feral cartoonist and science communicator. You can reliably find him online, where he tweets from the handle @sciencecomicDiana Kwon is a freelance science journalist based in Berlin, Germany. She primarily covers the life sciences and health, and her work has appeared in Scientific American, The Scientist, Nature, Knowable Magazine and many […]

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    Playing Go with Darwin

    New research elevates evolution from a tactical process to one of strategic possibility.

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    New Clues to Chemical Origins of Metabolism at Dawn of Life

    The ingredients for reactions ancestral to metabolism could have formed very easily in the primordial soup, October 2020 work suggests.

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    The Human Error Darwin Inspired

    How the demotion of Homo sapiens led to environmental destruction.

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    Just Because It’s Natural Doesn’t Mean It’s Good

    We are well advised to not lose track of evolution’s dark side.