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    The Attack of Zombie Science

    They look like scientific papers. But they’re distorting and killing science.
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    What Makes Group Decisions Go Wrong. And Right.

    Why intellectual laziness doesn’t have to lead to groupthink.
  • Harden_HERO

    How to Build a Society for All to Enjoy

    To make social structures more equal, we can’t blind ourselves to genetics.
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    We Have to Talk About Doubt

    How to tell the difference between scientific and conspiratorial skepticism.
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    What Misspellings Reveal About Cultural Evolution

    Stable cultural forms do not have to result from close replication; they can emerge continuously out of subtle changes.Illustration by VectorMine / Shutterstock Something about me must remind people of a blind 17th-century poet. My last name, Miton, is French, yet people outside of France invariably misspell it as “Milton”—as in the famed English author, […]