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    Humans Are Overzealous Whale Morticians

    We hastily dispose of dead whales, ignoring the ecological significance of their carcasses.

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    Snorkeling in Their Own Plastic

    Dave Ford chartered a cruise for Fortune 500 company leaders and activists to dive into an environmental crisis.

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    Swimming in Noise

    For sea life, the ocean is becoming an intolerable racket.

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    The High Price of Cheap Shrimp

    Our appetite is destroying a natural bulwark against climate change.

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    How Are the Bees?

    The collapse of our pollinators may no longer be headlines, but we’re still killing their buzz.

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    Reshuffled Rivers Bolster the Amazon’s Hyper-Biodiversity

    The lush biodiversity of the Amazon may be due in part to the dynamics of branching rivers, which serve as invisible fences that continuously barricade and merge bird populations.