Dana Najjar

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    Egg Laying or Live Birth: How Evolution Chooses

    A lizard that both lays eggs and gives birth to live young is helping scientists understand how and why these forms of reproduction evolved.

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    ‘Milestone’ Evidence for Anyons, a Third Kingdom of Particles

    Anyons don’t fit into either of the two known particle kingdoms. To find them, physicists had to erase the third dimension.

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    Billion-Year-Old Algae and Newer Genes Hint at Land Plants’ Origin

    An unearthed fossil and genomic discoveries are filling important gaps in scientists’ understanding of how primitive green algae eventually evolved into land vegetation.

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    How the Cosmic Dark Ages Snuffed Out All Light

    The recent discovery of some of the first galaxies in the universe illuminates the darkest era in cosmic history.

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    ‘Radical Change’ Needed After Latest Neutron Star Collision

    A recent neutron star merger has defied astronomers’ expectations, leading them to question longstanding ideas about neutron stars and the supernovas that create them. “We have to go back to the drawing board.”