Gayil Nalls

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    A Call to Action for Earthlings

    Retired NASA astronaut Nicole Stott on her revelations from orbit.

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    Gorongosa National Park’s Astonishing Comeback

    How the native flora and fauna work together to make the landscape whole.

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    Cancer Shouldn’t Pose a Threat to Our Lives. We Should Find It First

    Identifying the “first cell” could revolutionize the way we treat cancer.

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    What It’s Like to Be an Ant

    The idiosyncrasies of our social and cultural lives significantly influences our conscious and unconscious responses to the smells of others and our behaviors toward them.Photograph by Gayil Nalls / Installation View: The Hugo Boss Prize 2016: Anicka Yi, Life Is Cheap, Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, New York, April 21–July 5, 2017 Right now, at the […]

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    These Moving Portraits Offer an Uncanny View of the Human Body

    Some time after he completed his first portrait, in 1909, Oskar Kokoschka realized that “in my haste, I painted only four fingers on the hand he lays across his chest.” He was referring to The Trance Player, a painting of his friend, an actor. “Did I forget to paint the fifth?” Kokoschka wondered. “In any […]

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    This Astrobiologist Is Collecting Unrecognizable Beings from the Stratosphere

    Milton Wainwright believes he’s seen ET. In Earth’s upper atmosphere, he claims to have found evidence for panspermia—the hypothesis that life travels through the cosmos via meteoroids and other objects. A microbiologist and astrophysicist at the University of Sheffield, Wainwright sends large balloons up to the stratosphere, as high as 25 miles above the planet’s […]

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    The Man Who Changed How Artists and Scientists Work Together

    Richard Loveless believes trans-disciplinary collaborations can inspire creativity and pioneer new ways of thinking. That’s why, in 1991, he became the founding Director of the Institute for Studies in the Arts, a premiere arts research group in the College of Fine Arts at Arizona State University. During his nine-year tenure, he’s funded over 200 projects […]

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    An Appetite for Innovation

    Harvard’s David Edwards talks to Nautilus about how ideas can change the world.

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    Mario Livio on 25 Years of Hubble

    The astrophysicist looks at the history of the world’s most famous telescope.

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    Can Science Tell Us What Beauty Is?

    Neuroscientist Anjan Chatterjee takes us into the neurology of creativity.