Joel Frohlich

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    Could an Industrial Civilization Have Predated Humans on Earth?

    A thought experiment plumbs archaeology and geology to ask whether our own species will leave a trace.

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    My Out-of-Body Experience

    In a sensory deprivation tank, I lost my body and found myself.

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    Here’s How We’ll Know an AI Is Conscious

    Zombies are supposed to be capable of asking any question about the nature of experience. It’s worth wondering, though, how a person or machine devoid of experience could reflect on experience it doesn’t have.Photograph by Ars Electronica / Flickr The Australian philosopher David Chalmers famously asked whether “philosophical zombies” are conceivable—people who behave like you […]

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    Should You Get an AI Nanny for Your Child?

    Mattel’s AI nanny, called Aristotle, recently gained the notorious distinction of being subject to a bipartisan protest in the US Congress. Plus, there was a petition against it with over 15,000 signatures. The Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood, which organized the petition, argued that Aristotle is a consumerist ploy. It “attempts to replace the care, […]