Joelle Dahm

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    Maybe We Haven’t Seen Any Aliens Because They’re All Dead

    If astronomers fail to detect any other civilizations, whether extant or extinct, they may be forced to conclude that we are alone.Photograph by U.S. Department of Energy / Wikicommons The aliens may have found their grave. As we sweep the radio frequencies, we hear only noise; as we slew our telescopes, we see barren pixel […]

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    Virtual Reality Poses the Same Riddles as the Cosmic Multiverse

    Alt-realities, whether cosmic or VR, would undermine the laws of physics.

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    Darwin’s Finches Are At It Again

    Darwin’s finches are in trouble. Climate change and globalization have drastically affected their habitats on the Galapagos Islands. In the 1960s, we introduced, most likely through a banana import from Brazil, the fly parasite Philornis downsi. The fly’s larvae infest the finches’ nests, where they enter the nostril cavities of the chicks, first eating the […]

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    Plastic Is the Ocean’s New Junk Food

    By 2050, it’s likely that plastic in the oceans will outweigh all the oceans’ fish.