Kensy Cooperrider

  • left right frame_HERO

    Framing the World in Terms of “Left” and “Right” Is Stranger Than You Think

    Sometimes it’s the simplest studies that reveal how deeply culture shapes our thinking.Take a 2009 experiment involving only a researcher, a child, and a two-word instruction.1 The researcher announces, “Let’s dance!” and demonstrates a series of movements: He holds his hands together at eye level and extends them—first to the left, then to the right, […]

  • darwin vanity fair

    Why “Natural Selection” Became Darwin’s Fittest Metaphor

    Some metaphors end up forgotten by all but the most dedicated historians, while others lead long, productive lives. It’s only a select few, though, that become so entwined with how we understand the world that we barely even recognize them as metaphors, seeing them instead as something real. Of course, why some fizzle and others […]