Kevin Berger

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    Lost Worlds

    A juxtaposition of science and life, in the editor’s note from Print Issue 47.

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    Test Your Trivia Knowledge for Science

    Identify these people and help chart how they will be remembered or forgotten in history.

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    Original Minds

    From the first cells to unique minds, in the editor’s note from Print Issue 46.

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    Are We Getting the Real Stuff in Popular Science?

    When it comes to physics, says Sean Carroll, you need the math.

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    How Do We Get People Who Believe in Pseudoscience to Trust Science?

    It’s time to ask a scientist.

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    Neuroscience Gets in the Way of Appreciating Art

    To this philosopher, art is the best method for exploring who and what we are.

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    Novak Djokovic and the Healing Water Crystals

    The story of the tennis star spotlights the pseudoscience that bedevils science and society.