Kevin Berger

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    Who Said Science and Art Were Two Cultures?

    Revisiting C.P. Snow’s infamous thesis.

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    One of the Most Egregious Ripoffs in the History of Science

    A new history of the race to decipher DNA reveals Shakespearean plots of scheming.

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    We’re More of Ourselves When We’re in Tune with Others

    Music reminds us why going solo goes against our better nature.

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    What Made Early Humans Smart

    Walking upright made our ancestors easy prey. It also made them get smart.

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    What Makes Music Universal

    Music brings us together to show us how different we are.

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    I Am Not a Machine. Yes You Are.

    Debating the impact of machine-created art.

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    Literature Should Be Taught Like Science

    This renegade professor says literature is a machine that accelerates the human brain.

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    The Man Who Saw the Pandemic Coming

    Will the world now wake up to the global threat of zoonotic diseases?

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    Outwitting the Grim Reaper

    Neuroscientist Daniel Levitin on how to age successfully.

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    These Photos Remind Us Why Conservation Matters

    Enjoy the 2020 winners of a natural photography competition.