Lina Zeldovich

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    We Only Think We Flush It Away

    8 waste products that come back to haunt us.

  • Why AI Needs a Genome

    AI could learn and adapt like humans with algorithms that work like genes.

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    This Is Some Good Shit

    How the sewage plant in our nation’s capital spins human poop into fertilizer gold.

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    My 3 Greatest Revelations

    The author on writing her new book, “The Other Dark Matter.”

  • Triggering the Body’s Defenses to Fight Cancer

    Experiments once considered crazy are now helping scientists attack tumors.

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    The Rise of RNA Therapeutics

    DNA mutations are hard to fix. Scientists are trying another approach.

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    How to Outwit Evolution

    We can defeat superbugs by staying one step ahead of them.

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    The Cancer Custodians

    To beat our worst enemy, we must first let it grow.

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    The Doctor Will Sniff You Now

    Step aside, Dr. House, Deep Nose will one day be the best diagnostician in medicine.

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    A Holiday Guest Is Leaving Dangerous Poop in Your Couch

    Although dust mites don’t directly harm us, they trigger allergies in about a billion people. But we aren’t allergic to the buggers themselves. We’re allergic to their poop.Image courtesy of Pavel Klimov We have long known that we can catch germs while traveling. Recent years have shown that we can also bring home bed bugs. […]