Lina Zeldovich

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    What the Webb Telescope Really Showed Us About the Cosmos’ Beginning

    And how the family business first took me there.

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    What Makes Us Bold

    A parasite infection can make a leader of the pack—or a dead wolf.

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    Yes, Your Loud Neighbors Are Driving You Bonkers

    Why are we so sensitive to residential noise?

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    Don’t Worry If Your Kids Aren’t Polite to Alexa

    The ubiquitous AI assistants are gathering huge amounts of data on them.

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    The Invasion of the Super Insects

    New generations of insects are devouring Earth’s forests. Humans helped breed them—can we help stop them?

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    We Only Think We Flush It Away

    8 waste products that come back to haunt us.

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    Why AI Needs a Genome

    AI could learn and adapt like humans with algorithms that work like genes.

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    This Is Some Good Shit

    How the sewage plant in our nation’s capital spins human poop into fertilizer gold.

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    My 3 Greatest Revelations

    The author on writing her new book, “The Other Dark Matter.”

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    Triggering the Body’s Defenses to Fight Cancer

    Experiments once considered crazy are now helping scientists attack tumors.