Lois Parshley

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    When Calamity Comes at a Crawl

    Climate change may exacerbate the quiet catastrophe of slow-moving landslides.

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    How Are the Bees?

    The collapse of our pollinators may no longer be headlines, but we’re still killing their buzz.

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    This Man Memorized a 60,000-Word Poem Using Deep Encoding

    Of man’s first disobedience, and the fruit of that forbidden tree,” John Basinger said aloud to himself, as he walked on a treadmill. “Of man’s first disobedience…” In 1992, at the age of 58, Basinger decided to memorize Paradise Lost, John Milton’s epic poem, as a form of mental activity while he was working out […]

  • whitham

    This Man Is Genetically Altering Ecosystems to Save Them from Climate Change

    On a chilly afternoon last October, at a University of Northern Arizona conference, Thomas Whitham, a plant geneticist, proposed a plan to save hundreds of species from extinction. For the last several years, Whitham said, he and his colleagues had used a series of experimental gardens to study how plants are being affected by warming […]