Robert Hackett

  • warrior

    Which Comes First, Big Cities or Big Gods?

    Warriors among the Kwara’ae, a collection of tribal communities indigenous to the Solomon Islands, sacrificed pigs before battle. The tradition granted the combatants, so the belief went, aid from heroic ancestral spirits—like the mighty A’orama, a fierce fighter in Kwara’ae folklore. For every man who prepared to shed blood, a hog met its end.1Any non-superstitious […]

  • Barricelli_HERO-2

    The Computer Maverick Who Modeled the Evolution of Life

    Nils Aall Barricelli showed that organisms evolved by symbiosis and cooperation.

  • Barricelli_HERO-2

    Meet the Father of Digital Life

    This maverick forerunner of artificial life and animation remains largely unknown.