Susie Neilson

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    The Man Who Used Facebook to Find an Extinct Human Species

    Lee Berger has a knack for finding fossils his own way.

  • Neilson_HERO2

    Through Fortitude or Stupidity, Lee Berger Is Rewriting Human History

    The paleoanthropologist makes no apologies for going his own way.

  • small human

    The Case for Making Humans Smaller

    When Arne Hendriks, a 6” 4’ Dutchman, faced audience members at TEDxBrainport in 2012, he smiled apologetically. “I have some bad news for you,” he said. “You’re not short enough.” Hendriks believes that the planet’s growing population—currently at 7 billion—is unsustainable. His solution? We should shrink ourselves to 50 cm, around the height of a […]

  • handgrave

    Here’s How to Make Climate Change Extra Scary

    Thirty thousand years ago, a woolly mammoth in Siberia shed a giant virus. It soon became encased in ice and, for tens of thousands of years, the virus slept.As global temperatures warm and the permafrost begins to melt, the virus stirs. It is sucked into the nostril of a researcher where it injects its DNA […]