Viviane Callier

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    Some Proteins Change Their Folds to Perform Different Jobs

    Unusual proteins that can quickly fold into different shapes provide cells with a novel regulatory mechanism.

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    Plant Cells of Different Species Can Swap Organelles

    In grafted plants, shrunken chloroplasts can jump between species by slipping through unexpected gateways in cells walls.

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    New Veggies for a Warming Planet

    We need a diversity of crops to adapt to Earth’s changing climate.

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    Scientists Find Vital Genes Evolving in Genome’s Junkyard

    Even genes essential for life can be caught in an evolutionary arms race that forces them to change or be replaced.

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    Viruses Have a Secret, Altruistic Social Life

    Researchers are beginning to understand the ways in which viruses strategically manipulate and cooperate with one another.