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Gérard DuBois

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More than ever.

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Science gave us the light bulb.
Science gave us the tractor.
Science gave us the vaccine.

Science showed us the atom.
Science showed us the gene.
Science showed us the brain.

Science told us about the stars.
Science told us about the trees.
Science told us about ourselves.

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Science creates jobs.
Science creates solutions.
Science creates dreams.

How can science be under attack?

Because science is about facts.
Because science is about reason.
Because science can tell you what you don’t want to hear.

It’s time to say enough.
It’s time to take a stand.
It’s time to defend science.

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Join us by signing this letter. When you do, you become part of a community that invites the world to embrace science. We don’t embrace science because it’s popular, or politically convenient. 

We embrace and defend science because Curiosity, Exploration, and Discovery are the calling of all people. We defend science because science is for all people.


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    Join Us in Standing Up for Science!

    Thank you for signing!

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