• Catalysts

    This month’s issue offers multiple perspectives on catalysts in science, from cosmology to medicine, neuroscience to physics. It illuminates the elusive agents of change that spark ever-emergent worlds.      

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    Biodiversity Alters Strategies of Bacterial Evolution

    Reprinted with permission from Quanta Magazine’s Abstractions blog. In the closing paragraph of On the Origin of Species, Charles Darwin urged readers to “contemplate a tangled bank, clothed with many plants of many kinds, with birds singing on the bushes, with various insects flitting about, and with worms crawling through the damp earth.” Those plants, birds, […]

  • Gallagher_HERO

    How Inequality Imperils Cooperation

    A game theorist breaks down the effects of inequality.

  • Rees_HERO

    Lessons for a Young Scientist

    A masterclass on what science needs now.

  • Dutch_HERO

    The 5 Most Popular Nautilus Blog Posts in 2019

    Readers’ favorite posts explore a Dutch cure for stress and memories you can inject.

  • Keim_HERO

    The 5 Most Popular Nautilus Feature Articles in 2019

    Readers’ favorite articles explore tree smarts and the end of the gene as we know it.

  • Keats_HERO

    Philosophy Is a Public Service

    I design thought experiments to provoke dialogue about who and what we want to become.

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    The Problem with “Smart” New Years’ Goals

    Researchers found that people who set both superordinate and subordinate goals at New Year’s invested more effort into pursuing them.Photograph by marekuliasz / Shutterstock There’s a name for the sudden spur of motivation we often feel at New Year’s—the fresh start effect. You might also feel it on your birthday, at the start of the […]

  • Powell_HERO

    The Joy of Cosmic Mediocrity

    It’s lonely to be an exceptional planet.

  • Praetorius_HERO

    The Climate Learning Tree

    Why we need to branch out to solve global warming.