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    How to Collapse the Distinction Between Art and Biology

    What Xenotext does is cause its audience to reevaluate their ideas of creation, both literary and biological.Illustration by GiroScience / Shutterstock Language,” the Beat writer William S. Burroughs supposedly once exclaimed, “is a virus from outer space.” Burroughs was making a metaphorical extrapolation about the ways in which words, phrases, idioms, sentences, lines, and narratives […]

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    Physicists Peer Inside a Fireball of Quantum Matter

    Reprinted with permission from Quanta Magazine’s Abstractions blog.A gold wedding band will melt at around 1,000 degrees Celsius and vaporize at about 2,800 degrees, but these changes are just the beginning of what can happen to matter. Crank up the temperature to trillions of degrees, and particles deep inside the atoms start to shift into new, non-atomic configurations. Physicists seek […]

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    The Flawed Reasoning Behind the Replication Crisis

    It’s time to change the way uncertainty is quantified.

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    Who Will Design the Future?

    AI will be staggeringly diverse. Its developers should be, too.

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    We’re More of Ourselves When We’re in Tune with Others

    Music reminds us why going solo goes against our better nature.

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    Why a Thriving Civilization in Malta Collapsed 4,000 Years Ago

    The Ġgantija temples of Malta are among the earliest free-standing buildings known.Photograph by Bs0u10e01 / Wikicommons The mysteries of an ancient civilization that survived for more than a millennium on the island of Malta—and then collapsed within two generations—have been unravelled by archaeologists who analyzed pollen buried deep within the earth and ancient DNA from […]