• Beato_HERO

    How To Waste Time Properly

    The right distractions boost creativity.

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    Why Do Amputees Feel the Ache of Nothingness?

    An amputation guide for surgeons from 1739The Hagströmer Medico-Historical Library For amputees, it’s adding insult to injury. They’ve already lost pieces of themselves that they thought they could always count on, limbs that they first discovered while waving the chubby things in their cribs. Yet after that life-changing loss comes a new kind of suffering: […]

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    What Do Blind People Actually See?

    To try to understand what it might be like to be blind, think about how it “looks” behind your head.

  • Opar_Zhu_HERO

    Why We Procrastinate

    We think of our future selves as strangers.

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    Searching for Disappearing Species in the US’ Deepest Wilds

    Michael Lucid photographs samples found during the Multispecies Baseline Initiative (MBI).Ben Goldfarb In 2010, Michael Lucid, a biologist with the Idaho Department of Fish & Game, captured a surprise in a beer-baited gastropod trap—a slug that didn’t genetically resemble any of the ones he’d caught before. On a hunch, Lucid sent the mysterious invertebrate to […]

  • Dunn_Cat_HERO

    Why Your Cat Doesn’t Have a Sweet Tooth

    Moles don’t see, whales can’t smell, and snakes can’t hear a thing.

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    “Molecular Still Lives” Show the Science in Our Food in Us

    Still Life with Gastric PeptideMia Brownell My grandfather wasn’t a big farmer, but his small garden in Kentucky was a miracle. There was rhubarb, corn, and peppers a-plenty, but mostly I remember the tomatoes. He bred his own, saving the seeds of the best specimens every year. By the time he was getting well into […]

  • 16_HERO.


    Aristotle filled the void with an invisible ether, Torricelli killed it, and Higgs has gone some way to bringing it back. The will to nothingness is the path away from meaning for Nietzsche, but the path toward meaning for the Buddhist. Some formalist approaches to mathematics define zero as a foundational symbol, while Gödel used […]

  • NOTHINGf_web2

    Angst and the Empty Set

    We can experience nothingness, but does it actually exist?

  • Hanuka_HERO

    A Complicated Question

    A child asks, and war answers.