Something Green

  • Something Green

    Feeling connected to nature is important. It inspires empathy and a desire to preserve what is being lost. But empathy is not enough. Conservation is about sustaining ourselves in tune with nature. Highlighting the threads of that harmony is where science comes in, and where this issue of Nautilus follows.    

  • Bendebury_HERO

    Imitation Is the Sincerest Form of Environmentalism

    To stop destroying nature, developers are mimicking it.

  • Grunes_HERO

    The Greening of Antarctica

    Few have witnessed the impact of global warming more closely than this scientist.

  • Greene_HERO

    Kim Stanley Robinson Holds Out Hope

    The science-fiction author on why climate change doesn’t have to be humanity’s final story.

  • Robinson_HERO-2

    Los Angeles Is Gone

    In an excerpt from his new novel, the author drowns La La Land.

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    It Pays to Be a Space Case

    Kieran Fox, a neuroscientist, says some of his colleagues see him as an “alien” because of all the time he takes off to let his mind wander.Photo Illustration by Sergey Nivens / Shutterstock It’s a feeling we all know well—you’re at a work meeting or in the middle of a book, when you realize that […]

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    Does Social Media Poison Everything?

    The argument that we have the power to deal with the dangers of social media on our own can come across as cruelly individualistic tech-apologia.Photo Illustration by Victor Moussa / Shutterstock The power of platforms like Facebook and Google has escaped the control of the optimistic technocrats at their helm. And it is wreaking havoc in […]

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    Thank You for the 7 PM Clapping, But Camaraderie Is Needed More Than Ever

    Handwashing, mask-wearing and physical distancing are the easy part. The true challenge is to face the pain and suffering that exists all around us and know that doing so will not break us.Illustration by Blinx / Shutterstock COVID has reached peak unsexiness. The thought occurs to me as I scroll through previously lively physician COVID forums where […]

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    Why We Should Eat Crickets. And Other Bug Ideas

    As the human population expands, we are going to have to find better ways to feed ourselves without further decimating the environment.Photograph by Koldunova Anna / Shutterstock In his new book, The Butterfly Effect: Insects and the Making of the Modern World, Edward Melillo calls some insects “little laboratories,” the various productions of which have […]

  •  Berger_HERO

    How Psilocybin Can Save the Environment

    To preserve nature, we need to open our minds to it.