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Fitting in

Adaptation is hard—everywhere. Organisms responding to a changing environment may cycle through failed designs, or perish by evolving too slowly. A self-driving car moving down an unfamiliar road will suddenly try to take an imaginary exit. It’s harder to make someone change their mind than it is to tell them they’re right.

  • Sex Is a Coping Mechanism: Did sexual reproduction evolve to keep up with mitochondrial mutation? By Jill Neimark
  • When You Listen to Music You’re Never Alone: Technology hasn’t diminished the social quality of listening to music, by Daniel A. Gross
  • How Do You Say “Life” in Physics: A new theory sheds light on the emergence of life’s complexity, by Allison Eck
  • This issue also includes contributions from: Anne Biklé, Bella DePaulo, Sean B. Carroll, Al Crumbliss, Michael Fitzgerald, Stephen Hsu, Jude Isabella, Gregory Laughlin, Hope Jahren, Amy Maxmen, David R. Montgomery, Ankur Paliwal, Chip Rowe, Michael Segal, Andreas von Bubnoff, Esther Pearl Watson, and Zach Zorich.