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What surrounds us

This month we are turning our magnifying glasses on atmospheres. With global warming upon us, the time is now for a closer look. Can what we do in our cultural and personal atmospheres change what happens in Earth’s atmosphere?

The Rainforest Is Teeming with Consciousness: Our fate turns on retiring our dualist view of nature, by Philip Goff

If Only 19th-Century America Had Listened to a Woman Scientist: Where might the US be if it heeded her discovery of global warming’s source? By Sidney Perkowitz

Is Net Zero Emissions an Impossible Goal?: What it would take to suck more carbon dioxide out of the air than we put in, by John Baez

This issue also includes contributions from Bernd Brunner, Sean B. Carroll, Aubrey Clayton, Ernest Davis, Brian Gallagher, Jonathon Keats, Scott Koenig, Mark MacNamara, Gary Marcus, and Julia Rosen.