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In all things

Peel back one balance, and you find another. In this issue, each balance leans against the next: mental against physical, evolutionary against ecological, one infinity against another. The web of balances that make up our world is intricate, full of tiny stable points and unexpected transitions.

  • Darwin Was a Slacker, and You Should Be Too: Many famous scientists have something in common—they didn’t work long hours, by Alex Soojun-Kim Pang
  • Survival of the Friendliest: It’s time to give the violent metaphors of evolution a break, by Kelly Clancy
  • The Fifth Force of Physics Is Hanging by a Thread: As scientists chase tantalizing hints of a new force, modern physics hangs in the balance, by Philip Ball
  • This issue also includes contributions from: Hugh Aldersey-Williams, Stephon Alexander, Luke A. Barnes, Kevin Berger, Sasha Chapman, Joelle Dahm, Dan Egan, Matthew Hutson, Lawrence M. Krauss, Samantha Larson, Amy Maxmen, Susie Neilson, Amanda Phingbodhipakkiya, Dominic Preziosi, Sarah Scoles, Jessica Seigel, Dean Keith Simonton, David Steinsaltz, and Dean Zimmerman.