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Agents of change

This month’s issue offers multiple perspectives on catalysts in science, from cosmology to medicine, neuroscience to physics. It illuminates the elusive agents of change that spark ever-emergent worlds.

Where Is My Mind?: The rise and fall of the claustrum epitomizes the hunt for consciousness in the brain, by Marco Altamirano & Brian N. Mathur

If We Believe in Dark Matter, Why Not Extraterrestrial Life?: Avi Loeb has a lot of thoughts about aliens and scientific prejudice, by Corey S. Powell

I Am Not a Machine. Yes You Are: Debating the impact of machine-created art, by Kevin Berger

This issue also includes contributions from Patchen Barss, Brian Gallagher, Sabine Hossenfelder, John Johnson Jr., Jonathon Keats, Arthur I. Miller, Summer Praetorius, Martin Rees, Daniel Wolf Savin, Daniel Sudarsky, John Supko, and Tom Vanderbilt.