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Out of order

At the borders between chaos and order are seeds for new insights into information, war, physiology, and physics. Structure is not just visible—it’s created, transformed, and destroyed.

  • The Physicist Who Denies Dark Matter: Maybe Newtonian physics doesn’t need dark matter to work, by Oded Carmeli
  • The Hidden Sexism of How We Think About Risk: If men take more risks than women, it’s not because of biology, by Cordelia Fine
  • Are You a Self-Interrupter?: Distraction in the technology age, by Adam Gazzaley & Larry D. Rosen
  • This issue also includes contributions from: Kevin Berger, Jordana Cepelewicz, Kelly Clancy, Dalton Conley, Jason Fletcher, Seth Frey, Amanda Gefter, Claudia Gray, Madeline Gressel, Asaf Hanuka, Jillian Hinchliffe, Melba Kurman, Hod Lipson, Lisa Randall, Caleb Scharf, Julie Sedivy, Erica Weisz, and Jamil Zaki.