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Imperfect order

The natural world is more relative and fluid than we’d imagined, and our human world is run through with its own mechanisms, many of them our own creation. Physicists talk of many landscapes of physical laws and universes, and our most human characteristics are echoed and copied by both nature and technology.

  • What’s Wrong with Bananas: How industrial agriculture stole sex from our most important fresh fruit crop, by Norman C. Ellstrand
  • We Need an FDA for Algorithms: UK mathematician Hannah Fry on the promise and danger of an AI world, by Michael Segal
  • Herbicide Is What’s for Dinner: How the biggest farming practice you’ve never heard of is changing your food, by Miranda Hart
  • This issue also includes contributions from: Albert-László Barabási,Kevin Berger, Clayton Dalton, Brian Gallagher, Amanda Gefter, Kathryn Gillespie, Miranda Hart, Ansel Payne, Shruti Ravindran, Tom Vanderbilt, Josephine Wolff, and Noson. S. Yanofsky.