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Uncommon wisdom 

While we sequence the genetic codes that make our cells unique, we build giant cities that look like cells from space. While we take on more personal responsibility, we divine the outlines of what can only be accomplished through groups. We build new kinds of individuality together with the networks that support them.

  • The City at the Center of the Cosmos: Robots and lasers are uncovering an ancient, sacred geography, by Brian Fagan
  • Does Aging Have a Reset Button? A Stanford researcher’s new take on stem cells, by Victor Gomes
  • Waiting for the Robot Rembrandt: What needs to happen for artificial intelligence to make fine art? By Hideki Nakazawa
  • This issue also includes contributions from: Jason Anthony, Ted Anton, Claire Cameron, Michael Green, Daniel A. Gross, Charlotte Decroes Jacobs, Fouad Khan, and Maxine Singer.