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Here and then

Connection has an exponential, multiplicative power to create complexity. It’s where the meat of the hardest problems—like consciousness—lies. It can also make problems harder than they first seem to be.

  • Another Side of Feynman: Nine letters by Freeman Dyson portray his relationship with the Nobel Laureate, by Freeman Dyson
  • Why Is the Human Brian So Efficient: How massive parallelism lifts the brain’s performance above that of AI, by Liqun Luo
  • Bombers and Pterosaurs Were Both Before Their Time: The evolutions of B-2s and lizards, by Oren Harman
  • This issue also contains contributions from: Amanda Darrach, Janice Kaplan, Brian Keating, Jonathon Keats, Barnaby Marsh, Richard Martin, Elizabeth Preston, Richard Powers, Julie Sedivy, and Lila Thulin.