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Self location

The more we learn about coordinates, the more we understand their tendency to melt into each other. Far-flung bits of space can get entangled. At the tiniest scales, space and time dissolve into a complex foam. In the brain, grid cells that mark our location in space also help us demarcate time.

  • We Need to Save Ignorance from AI: In an age of all-knowing algorithms, how do we choose not to know? By Christina Leuker & Wouter Van Den Bos
  • What a Russian Smile Means: How culture and history make American and Russian smiles different, by Camille Baker
  • What Time Feels Like When You’re Improvising: The neurology of flow states, by Heather Berlin
  • This issue also includes contributions from: Ghiora Aharoni, Ivan Amato, Jonathan Berger, Saint Clair Cemin, Andrew Curry, Fredericka Foster, Philip Glass, Beth Jacobs, J.B. MacKinnon, Christian B. Miller, Matt Phillips, and Lee Smolin.