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Distant truths

There is a miles-long solitary wave trundling its way across an ocean right now. It will travel for days on end without changing its shape before dissipating its billions of joules of energy. From motes of methane pushed by distant starlight, to words smuggled out of a silent place, our world is full of unseen currents that carry and connect.

  • Is This New Swim Stroke the Fastest Yet? The surprising performance and physics of the fish kick, by Regan Penaluna
  • Selfishness Is Learned: We tend to be cooperative—unless we think too much, by Matthew Hutson
  • The Strange Blissfulness of Storms: Is there a biochemical reason that extreme weather makes us happy? By Sarah Scoles
  • This issue also includes contributions from: Sean Carroll, Sean B. Carroll, Nathaniel Comfort, Charles Foster, Rebecca Horne, Madison Krieger, Thomas Levenson, Adam Piore, Shruti Ravindran, Peter Rodgers, John Upton, Tom Vanderbilt, and Chelsea Wald.