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One thing leads to another

One dreary Tuesday, Leó Szilárd took a walk. Crossing the street, he realized that nuclear reactions could be maintained by the neutrons they themselves produced. A self-sustaining nuclear reactor became a reality nine years later, and the bomb in another three. This issue, we watch dominoes fall in human lives, across the oceans and under cities. They even crash the stock market. The end result? It’s hard to say—which is kind of the point.

  • Yes, You Can Catch Insanity: A controversial disease revives the debate about the immune system and mental illness, by Andrew Curry
  • The Man Who Beat HIV at Its Own Game for 30 Years: A survivor’s story is about to change, by Daniel A. Gross
  • Fear in the Cockpit: The tragic plane crash in Taipei was the result of mechanical and psychological failures, by Jeff Wise
  • This issue also includes contributions from: Carrie Arnold, Yvonne Bang, Chris Clearfield, Leela Corman, Jordan Ellenberg, Slava Gerovitch, John Grant, Dennis Hollier, Christopher Ketcham, Steve Paulson, Abby Rabinowitz, James Owen Weatherall, Pamela Weintraub, Kirsten Wier, and Lina Zeldovich.