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More than the sum

At each level of complexity in nature, “entirely new properties appear,” wrote Nobel Laureate Philip Anderson in 1972. In other words, we should expect new scientific foundations to emerge from complex systems.

  • The Strange Similarity of Neurons and Galaxy Networks: Your life’s memories could, in principle, by stored in the universe’s structure, by Franco Vazza & Alberto Feletti
  • Why You Need Emoji: Emojis are the body language of the digital age, by Vyvyan Evans
  • How We Really Tamed the Dog: A daring experiment builds a new species in just 60 years, by Lee Alan Dugatkin & Lyudmila Trut
  • This issue also includes contributions by: Sandra Blakeslee, Nathaniel Comfort, Allison Eck, Jack Gilbert, Rob Goodman, Rob Knight, Steve Paulson, Regan Penaluna, Jimmy Soni, John Supko, Jeff VanderMeer, Jonathan Waldman, Katharine Walter, and Geoffrey West.